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How Well Do You Know The Bride? 50+ Fun Questions! - The Hen Planner

How Well Do You Know The Bride? 50+ Fun Questions!

In this article, we give you over 50 quiz questions for the hen party game 'How Well Do You Know the Bride?" including a free downloadable game for you to print!

We've been to many Hen Parties over the years, and the best ones are always those that involve a few games, as they always help to break the ice and get people chatting!

This game "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" (or Who Knows Bride Best!), always goes down well as it is a great activity that everyone can get involved in.

It is mum and family friendly, and a super fun way for the entire party to learn more about the bride (and the groom, depending on the questions you ask!).

This is a very simple game that can be printed and put in each hen party bag, or at each place setting.  

Let's get into it!

In this article:

  1. How To Play
  2. A List Of Questions - Funny, General & Couple Questions
  3. Free Downloadable Game

How to Play How Well Do You Know The Bride?

  1. Simply make a list of around 20 questions (see our free printable game below or our list of 50 questions to get inspiration!)

  2. Hand out the question sheets to each person in the party (you can also have hens working in teams if you prefer!).  Give the hen party around 20 minutes to fill out their question sheets

  3. When everyone has completed their answers and the time is up, ask everyone to swap sheets so there's no cheating (and believe us, cheating does happen - bridesmaids get super competitive trying to prove who is the real bestie!)

  4. When everyone has swapped sheets, bring the bride to be to the front of the party so everyone can see her! Ask her each question out loud, and ask her to give her answer out loud too.

  5. The ladies must give a point for every question that is correct. 

  6. Ask the hen party to tally up the points when the bride has answered all questions.  The highest score wins!

Tip: To make this game more fun, you can set a forfeit for the losing team!

We have rounded up the best questions below for you to create your own quiz sheet.  For our free pre-made game, click here.

How Well Do You Know the Bride? - A List Of Questions!

Funny Questions

1. How did the bride celebrate her last birthday?
2. What 3 items would she take on a desert island?
3. What is her most embarrassing moment?
4. What is the most drunk she's ever been?
5. What is her claim to fame?
6. If the bride had a free pass, what celebrity would she sleep with?
7. If the bride could be besties with any celebrity, who would it be?
8. What is clumsiest thing the bride has ever done?
9. How many times did it take to pass her driving test?
10. What does the bride think is her best feature?
11. What is the brides party trick?
12. What is the brides worst habit?
13. What is the brides guilty pleasure?
14. What is the brides spirit animal?
How does she like her eggs cooked?

General Questions

16. What is the bride’s favourite colour?
17. What was the bride’s first car?
18. What’s the bride’s favourite thing to do?
19. What was the bride’s first concert?
20. What is the bride’s favourite restaurant?
21. What is the bride’s shoe size?
22. What is the bride’s favourite movie?
23. What is the bride’s favourite band or musician?
24. What’s the bride’s profession?
25. How many siblings does the bride have?
26. What’s the bride’s address?
27. What is the brides current favourite song?
28. What’s the bride’s date of birth?
29. What’s the bride’s middle name?
30. What is the brides zodiac sign?
31. What was the brides very first job?
32. What is the name of the brides Mum?
33. How many pets does the bride have?
34. Who is her celebrity crush?
35. What is her favourite dessert?
36. Is she an early bird or a night owl?
37. What was the first festival she went to?

Bride & Groom Questions

38. How did the bride and groom meet one another?
39. Where did the bride and groom go on their first date?
40. How long has the bride dated the groom?
41. Is the bride taking the groom’s name?
42. Where have the bride and groom gone on holiday together?
43. Where will the bride and groom go on their honeymoon?
44. What would the groom say is her best feature?
45. What is the name of the wedding venue?
46. How did the groom propose?
47. What is the date of the wedding?
48. Who is the best cook between the bride and the groom?
49. What does she love most about the groom?
50. What does the groom do to annoy her?
51. Where are the bride and groom going on their honeymoon?

Free Printable How Well Do You Know the Bride? Game!

We know how busy it gets when planning a hen party and helping out the bride with the wedding! To save you time, we've put together a free game for you to download!

The signup form below will send you a high quality PDF to print and go!

Our download includes 20 questions plus a score section so you can decide the winner!

Simply sign up below and we we email you the games directly to your computer, ready to print whenever you're ready.