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94 Mr & Mrs Quiz & Paddle Questions! - The Hen Planner

94 Mr & Mrs Quiz & Paddle Questions!

In this article, we give you a full list of funny, dirty and general Mr & Mrs questions that will give your wedding or hen party plenty of laughs! 

Mr & Mrs is an entertaining game that is always a hit at weddings or hen parties! 

We have tried and tested this game at one of our own hen do's and we can confirm it went down a treat - all of the hen's enjoyed it and it was a great way to make the event personal to the special couple.

The Mr and Mrs game can be played in the style of the traditional quiz or using paddles (or shoes), and guess what?...both can be played at a hen party even when the groom isn't present!

We have provided a brief summary of both games below if you're not familiar with how to play.

Alternatively, you can jump straight to the traditional quiz questions here and the paddle game questions here!

Overview of Mr & Mrs Games 

  1. The traditional style 'Mr & Mrs Quiz' consists of questions like "what is the brides favourite colour", "where was your first kiss?".   The aim of the game is for the couples' answers to match, to show how well they really know each other.

    This game can be played at the hen party by simply getting the grooms answers ahead of the hen do.

    Someone in the hen party will read (out loud) the questions to the bride, and she must answer each question out loud, with the aim to match the grooms answer.

    If the answers don't match, you can give her a forfeit to spice up the game!

  2. The 'paddle' or shoe game provides plenty of laughs! The aim of this game is to find out what the couple agrees or disagrees on.  

    Example questions include: "who is the messiest?" "who spends the most money?" etc. 

    The couple will be given a high heel to hold in one hand (which will be raised in the air to represent the bride), and a mans shoe (which represents the groom).  When a question is asked, like "who is the most fun?", the couple raise the relevant shoe for bride or groom. 

    To play this at a hen party, simply get the groom to answer your questions ahead of the hen do, and on the day of the hen someone can imitate the groom by sitting back to back with the bride, raising a paddle/shoe for his answers.

Mr & Mrs Traditional Quiz Questions

General Questions

  1. What is the brides favourite food?
  2. What is the grooms pet hate?
  3. What is the groom's favourite musician or band?
  4. What year and month did you start dating?
  5. Where was your first kiss?
  6. What is the brides biggest fear?
  7. What is the grooms shoe size?
  8. How does the groom like his eggs in the morning?
  9. What is the brides dream destination?
  10. What band did the bride love growing up?
  11. What was your best holiday or getaway?
  12. What is the brides star sign?
  13. Who fancied who first?
  14. What is your favourite thing to do together?
  15. What did the bride wear on your first date?
  16. What is the grooms biggest fear?
  17. How many shoes does the bride own?
  18. What is the brides most prized possession?

Funny Questions

  1. What are you most likely to argue about?
  2. What is the brides karaoke song?
  3. What 3 items would the bride take on a desert island?
  4. What superhero would the groom be?
  5. What celebrity would the bride take to dinner?
  6. What weird things do you do when no one is around?
  7. If the groom won the lottery, what would be his first purchase?
  8. What was the brides first impression of the groom?
  9. What object would the groom grab in a fire?
  10. What is the drunkest the bride has ever been?
  11. What does the bride think she is good at that she's actually not?
  12. What was the grooms first impression of the brides family?
  13. What is the brides worst habit?
  14. What is the grooms pet name for you?
  15. What does the groom do to annoy you most?
  16. What is the brides guilty pleasure?
  17. How many GCSEs did the groom get at school (above C)?
  18. How many times did it take for bride/groom to pass their driving test?
  19. What is the brides claim to fame?

Rude & Dirty Questions

  1. Where is the most adventurous place you've had sex?
  2. Does the groom prefer bum or boobs?
  3. Who is the most horny?
  4. What is the grooms biggest turn on?
  5. What is the grooms favourite position?
  6. What is the brides bra size?
  7. What is the brides biggest turn off?
  8. What is his favourite part of your body?
  9. Who is the loudest in the bedroom?
  10. If he had a free pass, what celebrity would the groom sleep with?
  11. Whats the sexiest item in the brides wardrobe?
  12. How long did it take until you slept together?
  13. How many piercings does the bride have?
  14. Who is the most adventurous in the bedroom?
  15. What is your favourite shared sex toy?
  16. What is the worst item of clothing the groom owns?

How To Play the Mr & Mrs Quiz 

  1. Select around 20 questions from the list above

  2. Ahead of the hen party, ask the groom to either send you a full list of his answers, or even better - ask him to record his answers so you can play them back.

    Tip! A recording makes it more personal for the bride to be, but it will take someone with some video editing knowledge to make it flow well!

  3.  At the hen party, sit the bride in the view of the entire party.
    Read out loud each question, and ask the bride to answer each question out loud for the hen party to hear!

  4.  After each answer she gives, reveal the grooms answer either by reading it out or playing back his video. 

    The aim is for the bride and groom's answers to match.  If they don't, the bride should do a forfeit!

playing mr and mrs quiz at hen party

We played this game at a recent hen party with for our bride to be and everyone loved it!  This is our bride to be taking a shot for her unmatched answers...oops!

Paddle Game 'Who Is' Questions

  1. Who is the best looking
  2. Who wears the pants
  3. Who is the most romantic
  4. Who smells the best
  5. Who is most likely to get arrested
  6. Who is the messiest
  7. Who would make the worst politician
  8. Who breaks wind the most
  9. Who is the best dancer
  10. Who has the best taste in clothes
  11. Who is the most stubborn
  12. Who has the worst memory
  13. Who is the most thoughtful
  14. Who has the weirdest orgasm face
  15. Who is the party animal
  16. Who spends the most
  17. Who is the grumpiest
  18. Who is the cleverest
  19. Who has the most important job
  20. Who is the best driver
  21. Who has the best sense of direction
  22. Who can drink the most
  23. Who gets the worst hangover
  24. Who’s parents are the most fun
  25. Who is the fittest
  26. Who has had the most partners
  27. Who snores the loudest
  28. Who has the worst habits
  29. Who is the most talkative
  30. Who gets scared easiest
  31. Who takes the longest getting ready for a night out
  32. Who is the laziest
  33. Who is most likely to trip over
  34. Who said I love you first
  35. Who made the moves on your first date
  36. Who is the weirdest
  37. Who has the best sense of humour
  38. Who is the morning person
  39. Who is the best cook
  40. Who has the most friends
  41. Who is the most fun to be around

How To Play The Paddle / Shoe Game

  1. Select around 20 questions from the list above

  2.  Ask the bride and groom to sit with their backs to each other so they can't see each others' answers.

  3. Select the objects you want to play with (e.g shoes, paddles, or coloured cards).  Agree which item represents the answer "groom" (e.g the blue paddle or the man's shoe), and which represents "bride" (e.g the high heel or the pink paddle).

  4. A toastmaster / member of the wedding party will read the questions out loud, and the bride and groom must raise their relevant paddle or shoe. For example, if the question is "who spends the most", both the bride and groom would raise the high heel if they believed this to be the bride.

  5.  To adapt this for a hen party, simply get the grooms' answers ahead of the event, and ask a member of the hen party to impersonate the groom by sitting back to back with the bride to be using his answers.